It is often used for promotional and documentary purposes, as well as for technical and scientific documentation. Single Frame is a leading industrial photographer in Chennai and we have experience in working in a variety of settings, including factories, warehouses, construction sites, and other industrial locations.

With a process approach, use a range of specialized equipment and skill we capture images and videos that accurately depict the subjects and their details. Whether it is a simple onsite photoshoot, post-production services or anything in between, we deliver top value at every touchpoint.

Industry Photography Services in Chennai
Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography focuses on the architectural elements of a building or structure and involves capturing the design, form, and function of a building or other structure through photographs. At Single Frame, our knowledgeable architectural photographers use a variety of techniques and compositions to highlight the unique features and design of a structure and help to showcase the building elegantly.

Whether it is the exterior or the interior of a building, we are past masters in the use of perspective, lighting, and composition to create visually appealing images. Our teams also work with clients to document the progress of a construction project or to showcase a completed building for marketing or design purposes. Whether for publications, exhibitions, workshops or anything else, we take pride in helping you achieve your dreams and creating a positive impact.

Industrial Product Photography

As specialists in industrial product photography, we capture the intricacies of working, and help brands weave a life and story to their operations. Our high-quality images help companies showcase their products well and the spectacular detail and resolution mean that all details are correctly reflected. Whether you are looking for a digital only solution, print solution or a mix of both, our photos and videos are sure to wow your audiences.

Industrial Product Photography
On Location Photography

On Location Photography

On location photography is the practice of taking photographs of industrial or manufacturing facilities, processes, and equipment and people in their natural setting or work environment, rather than in a studio. Single Frame is leading company offering industrial photography and we bring the ability to work in challenging environments thereby helping customers achieve the most natural outcome. We adhere to the relevant safety protocols and take pains to understand the industrial process and equipment being photographed or videoed so that we are to deliver inspiring, original and insightful solutions.

Why do you need a professional industrial photographer?

Industrial photography is a unique skill and only the best resources can deliver value by completely understanding your business, your specific needs and delivering top value. There are several reasons why a professional industrial photographer might be needed. As the best ecommerce photography company and industrial product photography company, below are some of them we can think of.


A professional industrial photographer has the necessary equipment and expertise to capture high-quality images that accurately represent a company's products or services. At Single Frame, we how to use lighting and composition to create visually appealing and effective images.


A professional photographer can help ensure that the images used by a company are consistent in style and quality, which is important for building a cohesive brand identity.


Industrial photography can be used to showcase a company's products or services in a way that is visually appealing and effective for marketing purposes. We are professionals who have the skills and experience to create images that are attention-grabbing and impactful.


Industrial photographers may be hired to document a company's operations, processes, or products for various purposes such as training materials or company records.


Depending on the subject matter, industrial photography may involve working in potentially hazardous environments. At Single Frame, weadhere to all precautions and cooperate with clients to achieve a safe and successful shoot.

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